What to do in an accident

What to do in an accident


Get your car into a safe area then exchange information with the other driver. If anyone is harmed, even with a minor injury, call emergency responders. Call your insurance and let them know you have been in an accident. Even if you are not at fault, alert your insurance immediately.


Ask your Insurer about where to take your vehicle after the accident so that a damage assessment can be done.


Bring your car to us! We will write an estimate for the repairs for you and provide you with the estimate once all part prices has been obtained from our suppliers.


You will have to provide your insurer with the quotation you obtained. The insurer will appoint an Assessor to your vehicle to work with us step by step to ensure your vehicle is repaired in a satisfactory way.


Relax and let us take care of the rest. We will keep you updated on the progress, and we will ensure your insurance covers each step of the repair.


Finally, you will have your car back to you in better shape than it was before the accident. Please take note that your Insurance may require you to pay an excess amount when collecting your vehicle, please contact them early enough to determine what amount will be payable.


What does it mean to be manufacturer certified?

Adherence to strict manufacturer procedures.
Prioritized use of genuine parts, materials, tools, and equipment.
Continuously supported and monitored by factory technical personnel.
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